State Championship 2018

George Fox University

Bauman Auditorium
414 N. Meridian Street, Newberg
Performance time to be announced April 25th

Because this is a state championship event, tickets are required for entrance. 

Tickets sold at door (cash, Visa/MasterCard only)

  • Adults – $8
  • Students – $5

Online sales at

  • Adults – $8 + $1.40 convenience fee per ticket
  • Students – $5 + $1.25 convenience fee per ticket

OSAA/OMEA Music Etiquette Guidelines

The Oregon School Activities Association, in cooperation with the Oregon Music Educators Association, has adopted the following guidelines for audience etiquette.  These guidelines will be enforced at all OSAA‐sponsored concerts, festivals, and competitions.   They reflect behavior that assures courtesy to the performers and audience members alike.

  • Concentrate your attention fully on the music.
  • Do not talk or listen to audience members who talk while music is being played / sung.
  • Applaud courteously at the end of the selection.  Applause between movements of a work is not appropriate.  Whistling and yelling are not appropriate at formal concerts.  If you feel that a group gave a particularly exceptional performance, a standing ovation is an appropriate acknowledgment.
  • Avoid making motions or noises which might distract other audience members or performers.  Examples of distractions include (but are not limited to) audible foot tapping, bubble blowing, passing notes, conducting, the rustling of candy/cough drop wrappers, and jingling of jewelry.
  • OSAA strives to provide exceptional performance venues at its competitions.    Most concert auditoriums prohibit food or beverages inside the hall, and participants will respect this rule, whether or not it is posted.
  • When entering or exiting the auditorium or performance room, do so only between ensembles, or if at state solo competition, between soloists.
  • Do nothing which will interrupt or distract a judge or contest official from their duties.  Allow them to focus their full attention on the performances.  Enforce a quiet area around judges during time between performances when they are completing their evaluations.
  • Listen for the beauty in the music, not the mistakes.  Tell the performers what you enjoyed about their performance.
  • Student musicians are reminded to please support the other performing groups with your attention and applause.  As audience members and members of musical groups, treat the other performers as you would wish to be treated.
  • Cell phones should remain off in the auditorium.  It is impolite to talk or text on cell phones during performances.