Need your Help!

Good morning parents, guardians, and singers!

Winter at West is a little under three weeks away!!! That may seem like a while… But I guarantee it is going to be here in a flash. The singers and players are gearing up for the performances. Parents, we NEED your help! Winter at West really is an event where we need as many volunteers as we can get to ensure the performances run smoothly. Parent volunteers are the reason why our students get to focus on only performing. If you are able to volunteer for Winter at West, we would love for you to join the experience in a more involved way. You can reach our Winter at West coordinator Andrea Croskey if you are interested in getting helping – 503-385-5672 or

By helping our concerts run smoothly, you get the chance to continue serving our students through other opportunities such as choir tour. The more you are involved with our program, the more chances you get to be a part of big and exciting things! If you are someone who is wanting to be a part of our choir tours in the future, volunteering now is a great way to know how logistics are run in our program. The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

Reach out if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend.

All the best,
Cole Haole-Valenzuela