San Francisco

Dear Parents and Students of Choir of the Titans and Asteria Singers,

Every year Choir of the Titans (CT) and Asteria Singers (Asteria) venture out on a choir trip. The choirs travel to and participate in a National Choral Festival. In the past they have been fortunate to receive top awards. The Choirs individually perform, and then get to have a clinic with a highly qualified clinician from the United States. It is a very worthwhile experience.

This year we are going to San Francisco area. There is a tentative itinerary here. The cost of the trip is $600. We will take Charter Buses. Some meals will be provided. We ask that every student participate. We are going to compete, and it is best when we can take our entire choir. This is also a wonderful time for the choirs to become a closer family unit and bond making many wonderful memories. For those in need we have financial aid available. We also provide 4 fundraisers: Popcorn (just finished), Wreaths and Poinsettias (happening now), Mo’s Chowder (Jan/Feb), and Egan’s Gardens Gift Cards (March/April). You may pay simply pay the money, or participate in any of the fundraisers. The fundraisers are provided for students who want to contribute or earn their way. They are not mandatory. Money the students earn in these fundraisers go directly into their student choir accounts.

We have a payment plan. Students can apply their fundraising money to the payments, and/or you can make personal payments. Attached to this letter, you will find payment coupons to help you remember payment due dates.

If you are interested in being a chaperone, will have chaperone applications on the website soon. Chaperones do not pay to go. We always hope to have a medically trained person. If you are a nurse, doctor, PA, etc, please consider applying. It is a working trip, and we appreciate all the work you will do. Chaperones will need to pay for some meals.

Mike Moore is our trip coordinator. If you have questions, please email him at: