Important Pre-Christmas News

Here’s some very important information to be aware of!

Vancouver Trip Payment Due

Today (December 15) is the due date for the 2nd Payment for the Vancouver Trip.  Each CT and Asteria student who’s planning to attend the annual choir trip needs to have their payment of $150 turned in, or contact us with information on when you’ll have it submitted.  Thank you!

All-City Honor Choir

Auditions for All-City Honor Choir are scheduled for Thursday, January 7th, at 4:00pm, and running until they are finished (approximately 7:30pm).  Auditions are at South Salem High School.  You can get your application here or in the Information menu.  REMEMBER APPLICATIONS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY (December 18th).

There is an All-City Audition Walkthrough video posted on Youtube here:

Flight Song Part Tracks and Accompaniment: