Rules of the Road

West Salem High School Choir Department
1776 Titan Drive NW Salem, OR 97304
503 399-5533

West Salem Choir-Rules of the Road-Overnight Trips Student Information:

General Information

Students will be assigned to a chaperone in groups of 6 -8. Students should get cell phone number of chaperone and check in at regular intervals as set by director or chaperone. Students are to follow all directions and instructions of assigned chaperone. Students must always remain with a “buddy” and if found alone, will need to stay with a chaperone.

On the Bus

  • The student bus captain should bring several large plastic garbage bags.
  • The student bus captain takes roll each time we load.
  • Students need to be respectful at all times (to each other, to the chaperones, and to the bus driver).
  • Students cannot use a stereo or mp3 player unless they have headphones (no exceptions).
  • All DVD movies played on the bus must be rated appropriately and be
  • The student bus captain will help manage the bus rides. This captain will pass the garbage bags around the bus at all stops before we unload. The bus should be cleaned before students exit the bus at any stop or unloading time.
  • PDA (Public Display of Affection) is not allowed. This means no cuddling, kissing, etc. Holding hands is okay, arm around the shoulder is okay. No sharing blankets.
  • No yelling on the bus. Conversations should be kept to seats around them.

Hotel Stays

  • Students need to be respectful to all hotel employees and guests.
  • Students cannot go into any room of the opposite sex.
  • Students cannot hang out in hallways or carry on conversations in doorways.
  • Students are allowed to hang out in lobby/pool areas, but need to carry on normal conversations.
  • Students may not use any “paid for” items in their room.
  • Students need to avoid letting their doors slam shut.
  • When the itinerary says “All in Rooms”, this means that students must be in their assigned rooms and cannot leave again for any reason. Chaperones begin room checks shortly after this “All in Rooms” time.
  • When the itinerary says “Lights Out”, this means students must be quiet, stay in rooms, and have all lights out.

West Salem High School Representatives You are always a representative of West Salem High School. All school rules are in effect on the trip. Students caught with any BIG 5 behavior will be immediately sent home at their parent’s expense. 

Students can be sent home for poor choices. The BIG 5 Deal  Breakers are:

  •  DRUGS
  • SEX

Be respectful of all people and situations. If you have issues, talk to your chaperone, or director.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!! BE SAFE!!!